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President's Desk

To begin with, I would like to thank all my colleagues for nominating me for this position and showing their solidarity with me. I assure all concerned that I and my team will try our best to fulfill the dreams of our members and would like to solve the common problems as well as individual problems of our members and would like to have a full co operation of each and every member.

 The winds of recession had clouded the Textile Industrial scene, not only in the Surat but Nationally. Today, in Surat we are facing many challenges like supply of water, lignite, Gas price, chemicals & dyes and many more. We also are facing labor crisis.

 We have to work hard towards up gradation of skills, knowledge and machines. The active and experienced team of Office Bearers and the enthusiastic Members of the Managing Committee and other members of this association has to work together with matching shoulder to shoulder.

I am very optimist for textile industry future with adoption of new technologies and skills and educate the Members of the SGTPA through organizing regular seminars and workshops on various subjects like, ways to minimize water consumption, lignite – coal, gas etc. It will help for enhancement  and exchange of knowledge.

Presently, we have been succeeded to reduce the consumption of coal, water & gas in some units. We are planning that the units who are not observing such techniques to reduce coal, water & gas consumption, we will arrange live demonstration in the units who already have implemented the technique.  For that we have planned to have one general meeting in which I appeal to the all members of SGTPA to remain present so that every member can interact with eachother.

 Our website is the tool which will be helpful to all members to keep in touch the activities of association regularly.


With warm personal regards,


Jitendra P. Vakharia

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