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Membership Benefits

Unbelievable contribution of the Association by way of multifarious activities resulted in steady growth of Membership about 400  processing units from South Gujarat.

 The Association   is recognized by Government of India, Government of Gujarat and several Semi-Government bodies and is given representations on many Central and State Government Committees. The President and representatives of the association actively participates in deliberations held by such committees and resolve the problems of textile processing industry.

The SGTPA has wide reputation in State & India too. It is common platform for representation at any level for any industry related matter, SGTPA has representated many issues with respective authorities at Central as well as State level and has been able to come out with some solutions.

 At SGTPA we do share the knowledge by continuously conducting workshops/ Seminars / Programmes on useful subjects like, Industrial Safety, Pollution Control, VAT & Excise, Energy conservation and so on time by time. Members get the benefits of expert knowledge.

 Various delegations are visiting at various countries for attending exhibitions like ITMA. The association gets concession on such business tour under schemes of MSME dept., Govt. of India.

SGTPA maintains database of last year students of engineering colleges in order to select them for employment and can be moulded as per requirement. So it makes the recruitment procedure simple and economic for member units.

SGTPA has own Seminar Hall with all ultra modern facilities like projector, cordless mike, centrally A.C with seating capacity of more than 100 people.


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