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Efficiency Center

Efficiency Center

Under this Center, we broadly deal with all aspects of a firm, where firm can perform better on energy utilization or environment protection. Our aim through this center is to suggest measures, which do not hinder firm’s economic performance in the market; even in most of the cases it improves that.

In general there has always been a feeling in the industry that environment and energy should be a secondary consideration but now it is the time to realize that we cannot look forward these aspects otherwise future viability of our industries will come to stake.

To tackle such situations and to keep Surat textile cluster as fertile as on today, all the member firms can make extensive use of practices suggested in this center. In case of any information loss or viability problems, we request all the firms to make full use of forums to discuss their issues. It is a promise that association will work at its best to solve problem in least possible time.

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